Web Development Training Videos from Carsonified.

I successfully ignore the repeated advertisements for Think Vitamin’s memberships primarily because they seem aimed at those who need a concentrated dose of knowledge. I’m content to allow the free and diffuse Internet to educate me on the latest techniques. That said, based on the writing I see and the general attitude of good business principles personified in Ryan Carson, I have to imagine these are a solid resource for some people. So, if you need a remedial CSS3 class, maybe check out the free course being offered until tomorrow. I’m curious to know how it goes, just not enough to take a break from other work to check it out. ((This post more-or-less violates my personal policy of not promoting things that people appear desperate to promote and my Full Disclosure policy of posting something heavily biased toward intro level material. There seemed to be enough meat here though to make it worthwhile. Maybe it helps someone.))