Having not used Windows as my primary OS in a few years, my familiarity with Internet Explorer isn’t what it once was. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to see so many features built into sites we’ve made in the last 18 months going to finally be supported by Microsoft’s browser with the public release of IE9. I’ve been using the betas and release candidates for a long time. Internet Explorer 8 brought some fairly bug-free rendering to the party, and IE9 seems to be no more than 6-12 months behind the pace set by Gecko and especially Webkit with regard to advanced support for CSS. By all accounts, IE now does well with complex JavaScript and HTML5 elements. It’s a good day for the Internet when the least common denominator gets a much needed update.1

  1. Not everyone is thrilled, it should be noted. There’s still the question of institutionalizing support for the upgrade process. Internet Explorer 6 was advanced for its time as well. Look what happened. []