OAuth in My Inbox.

I’ve been on Gmail since ’04. We use it at Full Stop. I have it installed on my personal site. I love the search, the conversations view, the fact that tags are first-class citizens. I use half-a-dozen Labs projects to make the experience even better.

But you know what? There’s a lot of really valuable data locked in there. OAuth to the rescue:

You may or may not be excited by the acronyms OAuth and IMAP/SMTP, but the combination of them all together is very exciting news. Google Code Labs announced this afternoon that it has just enabled 3rd party developers to securely access the contents of your email without ever asking you for your password. If you’re logged in to Gmail, you can give those apps permission with as little as one click.

Prediction: all major email providers will eventually support OAuth and serious Gmail competitors will have it within the year.

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