Why You Can’t Work At Work.

8:53am: Arrive at work.

9 – 9:56am: Coffee first. Knock out a few emails. RSS.

10 – 11am: Ugh, meeting.

11:27am: Meeting ran late. I probably shouldn’t start anything before lunch, right?

12 – 1pm: Lunch.

1:30pm: Another meeting. Remind me which one this is again?

2:03pm: Food coma. Maybe just a little RSSZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

2:48pm: Alright, I really need to start on something.

3:06pm: Oh no, here comes the project manager. Surprise, it’s urgent.

4:27pm: OK, put out that fire.

4:34pm: Man, it’s 4:30 already?

4:52pm: Phone’s ringing. It’s the client. I shouldn’t pick it up. I guess I have to.

4:56pm: Surprise, it’s urgent.

5:47pm: Leave office, having accomplished virtually nothing.

6:30 – 10pm: Dinner. American Idol.

10 – 12am: Finally sit down to get some real work done.

• • •

Sound familiar? “The modern workplace is optimized for interruptions.” As always, 37signals’ Jason Fried tells it like it is.

(via Zeldman and Big Think)

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