The Real Future of Books.

Later in the year, we will also be creating a Hardboiled interactive iPad version of the book complete with built in demos and video tutorials. This ability to publish in innovative new formats and to work with a small, focussed team on creating something that no one has done played a huge part in deciding to publish with Five Simple Steps. ((Emphasis added.))

If Andy does succeed in publishing his new book as an iPad app with demos and video tutorials, that will truly herald the future of books. Physical, typeset books have their place, but if you’re publishing something electronically, there ought to be a big, flashing sign demanding you use every advantage the medium affords. To do otherwise is no different than playing a radio broadcast on television or scanning a newspaper and calling it a website. ((I know I’m ignoring many reasons someone would intentionally choose to limit an electronic book to just words. I am suggesting only that the trend will be toward something we currently think of as an application but will ultimately be understood simply as a book published electronically.))

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