Introducing Full Stop 2.0.

The first Full Stop site introduced us to the world. Designed in the months leading up to our launch, it had the visual hallmarks of a young company with bold ideas: it was big, bright, and brash. Eighteen months later, we’re a little older, a little wiser, and thankfully, a little more established. It was time for a change.

Witness: Full Stop 2.0.

With our maiden voyage to SXSW looming, we felt the timing was right for a redesign. Our revised site formally lifts the veil on a new identity that’s been hinted at in recent side projects: the roundel. A more mark-like extension of the “full stop/period” of our original identity, we’ve paired it with a weathered aesthetic and rotating vintage illustrations of Pittsburgh, our hometown. We’ve upgraded from Georgia to Minion Pro (Typekit, of course), and Futura Bold is now @font-face (from MyFonts) instead of sIFR. Still small, like us, just one page (plus a portfolio page for displaying not-yet-live or behind-a-login-wall projects), the new site allows us to showcase our completed websites and give side projects and upcoming work a bit more attention. We hope you like it.

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