Andy Rutledge on The Big Web Show.

Sometimes you get a chance to be a star next to Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman on The Big Web Show. Andy Rutledge had that chance on Thursday. In a move I would wish upon every person making a public appearance, Andy breaks down his performance in a brutally honest post-mortem:

I had something of a perfect opportunity on Thursday, but I blew it. My appearance on The Big Web Show was, in my mind, going to be a unique chance for me to clearly and candidly articulate through a very personal medium some of my ideas on professionalism and capitalism in design. But what happened was that I too often strayed into rambling incoherence in response to the questions from my hosts.

Speaking extemporaneously in the glaring webcam light is incredibly difficult, and, as I’m sure Andy knows, only practice will improve that skill. Kudos to him for identifying what went wrong, clearing the record, and educating others in the process.

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