Traceable in the App Store.

If you’re anything like Full Stop’s own Jay Fanelli, your design process involves reams of paper covered in pencil, marker, and highlighter. Living in the analog world means cloning shapes from one paper to another isn’t just a matter of a few keystrokes. No, you’re going to need to re-sketch whatever it was you got right. Simple, whip out your tracing table and trace—wait, you don’t have a tracing table?

Hmm. You do have an iPad, don’t you? Have you ever noticed the eerie similarities? Glass surface, brilliant backlight. In the spirit of the-best-tool-is-the-one-you-have-at-hand, we’ve co-opted the iPad into a portable tracing table and tossed in a few extra features for good measure. Adjustable grids, circles, angles, and even a French curve.

Say hello to Full Stop’s first iOS application: Traceable. Get it now in the App Store ($1.99) or head over to the official product page.