Modernizing Full Disclosure.

We launched Full Disclosure in November of 2009, and that’s pretty much the last time we made any significant changes.

The big improvement is merging the Full Disclosure and Full Exposure blogs. You may have been unaware a Full Exposure blog even existed. Until now, there were two blogs side-by-side with a nifty animation toggling between them and independent archives and RSS feeds. It was a clever — perhaps too clever — system to promote feature-length posts and de-emphasize short posts. It wasn’t a bad design, but the focus of the blog is evolving. Leaving shorter posts marooned on their own, hard to find page would stifle that growth.

In addition to merging the blogs, we took the opportunity to clean things up a bit behind the scenes. A laundry list of improvements:

  • Upgraded from WordPress from 2.8 to 3.0.4.
  • Upgraded half-a-dozen plug-ins to their latest versions.
  • Rearranged the post headers and footers to make room for a “Send to Instapaper” link.
  • Updated generic divs to articles and added the pubdate attribute. Surrounded date stamps with the time element.

The old RSS links should still work fine, but if you want the new, merged feed, have at it.