HTML5 ads.

The biggest loser today was unambiguously Flash. Rich media advertising is one of the biggest uses of Flash – but now agencies are going to start developing rich media ads using HTML5. ‘HTML5′ is the important part. If the ads were built with Objective-C, Adobe would shrug. But HTML5 will run everywhere there’s an HTML5-capable browser – both on other phone OSes and on desktop browsers. Desktop-focused ad servers will serve HTML-based ads just fine. Once agencies start realizing that they can either build an ad unit twice (once in HTML5, once in Flash) or just do it once in HTML5 and forget about it, Adobe risks ending up as nothing more than an HTML5 authoring tool, and then only if they move quickly.

— Greg Yardley in iPhone 4.0 & iAds advertising

So when I say Flash is withering, just keep rolling your eyes and doing what you do.When Flash videos are replaced by HTML5 video, Flash games are replaced by native and/or Canvas games, and Flash ads are replaced by interactive HTML5 ads, well, don’t come crying to me.

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