Unit Weathers a Storm, Rides Out Stronger.

Having proclaimed just 6 months before that we’d not participate in the swelling recession, we were severely challenged to either demonstrate our conviction or see it crumble in the face of concerns. Truly, for any not yet convinced, the next few months proved to us that uncompromising standards have a very literal monetary cost. Instead of gathering a host of new projects, we were compelled to decline most of them. Just when the waning season required that we gather a bounty in preparation for the distractions of the holidays, our scruples demanded that we turn down much of the largesse offered us. It was a bitter pill to swallow, yet we held fast and looked to our belief that we could craft our own destiny.

You tell ’em, Andy. Full disclosure, discipline, and resolution are under-valued traits. Thanks for not sacrificing when the road got bumpy. Your example is invaluable to us. We (Full Stop Interactive) could not be more happy for you.

Unit Interactive 2009 Annual Report.

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