DFW Grammar Challenge.

As linked on Kottke, here’s a short grammar challenge from an old David Foster Wallace’s worksheet. Find the mistakes.

  • He and I hardly see one another.
  • I’d cringe at the naked vulnerability of his sentences left wandering around without periods and the ambiguity of his uncrossed “t”s.
  • My brother called to find out if I was over the flu yet.
  • I only spent six weeks in Napa.
  • In my own mind, I can understand why its implications may be somewhat threatening.
  • From whence had his new faith come?
  • Please spare me your arguments of why all religions are unfounded and contrived.
  • She didn’t seem to ever stop talking.
  • As the relationship progressed, I found her facial tic more and more aggravating.
  • The Book of Mormon gives an account of Christ’s ministry to the Nephites, which allegedly took place soon after Christ’s resurrection.

You’d believe me if I said I scored five (1,4,5,6,9) correctly, wouldn’t you? Answers here.