Blue Christmas.

I thought Avatar—excuse me, James Cameron’s Avatar—was going to be terrible. Really terrible. “Waterworld starring Jar Jar Binks” terrible. I even gloated about how terrible I knew it was going to be.

Well, allow me to be the last one to tell you: It’s not terrible. Not even close. Against all odds, it may be the only 2009 film I’ve seen in the theater that I’d happily pay another $11 to see again. Make no mistake, it’s still a James Cameron movie—overlong, laughable dialogue, ham-fisted themes, Sigourney Weaver—but it just looks incredible.

Here’s James Cameron and fellow visionary, epic (not to mention filthy rich) filmmaker Peter Jackson having a conversation about how visionary and epic they both are. The “filthy rich” part is implied.

(via Slate)

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