Hey, 37Signals… Whatever Happened to that Signal vs. Noise Redesign?

Far be it from us to kick a hornets’ nest, twice, but as a long-time paid Sortfolio member (loving it!), Basecamp / Campfire subscriber (ditto), and general fan of the principled-to-a-fault 37Signals, we gotta ask: where da redesign at?

Maybe 37Signals has been too busy to implement the redesign. After all, they’ve got a lot going on. We can certainly sympathize with a lack of hours in the day, and, to be honest, the current design does serve their minimalist style perfectly well. We can’t shake that nagging feeling, however that maybe the redesign wasn’t up to snuff, and — maybe, just maybe — that’s because no self-respecting agency would whore themselves out on Twitter to “win” a job regardless of the client.

It’s been over a year now. Let’s get real, boys, what happened?

Update: Word from Jason is “other priorities came up.” The original tweet requirement still leaves a sour taste in our mouth since 37Signals got a lot of free publicity but no redesign ever appeared. We hope the winning shop at least got payed for their effort.

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